You win some, you lose some

Well, what would a new business be with out a few bumps and bruises along the way?  

This past Friday I asked invited some friends to join me on a ride around town in the Cool Bus.  I have been trying to do a few test runs over the past month or so to get the hang of driving the bus with people in it and Friday was a perfect night. 

I wound up having about 16 people on board and things started off smoothly.  We all met at the Target at I-10/Taylor and then drove to Upper Kirby area to pick up a few other people.  We made our way to The Heights afterwards to make 2 more stops before we made our way to the 1st bar of the night, Lei Low.   

We stayed there for about 20 min while people went in for a drink and a few stayed on the bus to hangout.  I even had some random people come up and ask me about how they could rent the bus.  I told them that it wasn't operating yet, but gave them my business card (**Which reminds me, I need to go ahead and get some made for The Cool Bus).  

Once we were done at Lei Low, we were on our way to pick up some more folks when we hit a bit of a snag.  While stopped at the light at Shepherd and 610, I pulled the bus to a complete stop and without warning, the engine died.  

My buddies on the bus were very helpful as they all got off and helped push the bus to a parking lot to get out of harm's way.  I called my mobile mechanic about what he thought the issue was and he thought it happened to be the fuel solenoid.  He thinks that it might have just gone bad as this particular time.  

After about 20-30 min of waiting and allowing the engine to cool down, I tried to crank it up again and...SUCCESS!! The bus turned over and we were back up and running.  The mechanic said that it would be best if I didn't keep driving around though because he thought the problem would rear its ugly head once again.  

So I drove to White Oak, dropped my friends off in front of Christian's Tailgate and retired the bus for the night on White Oak Dr in front of the Park at White Oak Condos.   My mechanic said that he will be able to address the issue Monday afternoon, so hopefully it will be ready to  go early next week.  

Upcoming schedule over the next few days once it gets fixed - Customize the metal ice well to fit a cooler and a trash can, take it to College Station on Saturday and then drop it off to get painted by next Monday, 2/22.