Let's get this party started...kind of..

It's...About...To go....Down! 

The Cool Bus has been a dream of mine since 2008.  And now it's finally happening! 

I purchased the bus back in November 2015 and have been making repairs and adjustments to it since then.  As soon as I bought it, I took it to get some electrical work done to Ronny's Auto Repair.  On the way to the repair shop, I could not have been more scared driving the bus.  I had no idea how close I was to other cars when I was switching lanes and how far back they were in my rear view mirror.  But I made it safely...whew!  

Upon completion of that maintenance and repairs, I took it to Heitman Truck Repair to get the suspension and shocks repaired.  Still a little scared while driving, there was a little more comfort as I was behind the wheel.  

Heitman called a few days later to tell me the work was completed and it was time to take this bad boy out on its own.  I went and picked it up and drove it from the east side of town all the way up to Jersey Village...in rush hour traffic, which took about 2 hours.  While I was going at a glacial pace for the majority of the time, there were moments when I was able to cruise around the 50 mph range for a few minutes and I noticeable felt much more at ease while driving.  

Over the past few weeks, I have been taking the bus to/from various businesses to get quotes on things like a vehicle graphic wrap, new paint job, interior lighting, upholstery, and the most important thing if I want to be operating in Houston any time between March and October...Air conditioning.  

I am hoping that things will be wrapped up by the end of March/early April.