More repairs and interior work

The repairs have been made after replacing the air compressor and a couple of valves in the air brakes, and I am hoping that this is the last time I have to get it repaired for a while.  It took about a week to complete everything.  

Once it was done, I coordinated with Eric Gavina to enlist some of his welding skills again.  I had the A/C installed a few weeks back, but needed to provide it with power since it wasn't running through the buses batteries.  Eric and I came up with the idea to install a frame/box on the back of the bus to house the generators that would power the A/C.  

Cool Bus Houston

It took about a week to fabricate and install and Thursday, 5/26,  I finally dropped the bus off to start the exterior paint job.  Harbros Inc, the same company that did the interior is going to do all the paint as well.  Over the course of the paint job, they will also install the handrails across the roof inside the bus.  The handrails are the only thing left to do on the interior.  

The bus will be painted black and then I will add the green decals on top of the paint.  With the way we designed the exterior, painting first, and then adding the decals made more sense and is more cost effective than if I were to do a full vehicle graphic wrap.  

Its getting exciting over the recent weeks because as each day passes I am 1 more day closer to having the bus ready to go and open for business.