Just when I thought I'll get out...they pull me back in!

Just when I thought all was good with the bus, another repair popped up that needed to be taken care of.  

Last time I dropped the bus off at DI Performance to address a situation with the brakes, I was under the impression that it was fixed.  Apparently, after they fixed that issue, this new issue popped up and now I had to get that fixed.  

The issue being that the air brakes would lose air pressure the more and more I was in stop and go traffic.  In fact, on the way home prior to our filming of the promo video a couple weeks ago, the bus actually locked up on me as I was sitting in the lovely Houston rush hour traffic around 5pm.  Luckily we didnt have any other issues that night, but I knew that I would need to get that fixed ASAP before I did another ride. 

The issue is that one of my air valves was leaking along with the brake chambers, my slack adjusters were worn and the air dryer was leaking.  So I have turned it back over to DI Performance for yet another repair.  

I can tell you this much, when it comes time to by my next bus, I will be looking for something a little newer than a 1994 school bus.  So, now I wait and see how long the repair will take.  Stay tuned!