More DOT Training

Today I met with my DOT trainer to go over pre-trip and post-trip inspections for The Cool Bus.  This is one aspect of operating this business that I did not expect when I wanted to start this, but everything I am learning is very useful and is helping me in covering my butt should anything arise in the future.  And its just good protocols to have in place for a business like mine.  

We went over things like my lights, Emergency exits, fire extinguishers, signage inside the bus, the ever so important white line to stand behind (this is actually what allows people to drink on the bus legally), and even opened up the hood of the engine and went through various parts that I needed to be on the lookout for.  Now I'm not saying after this that I am not a professional mechanic, but it did help me in identifying certain aspects of the engine.  

We also talked about wheels, brakes, and emergency equipment that is mandatory on board a commercial vehicle (fire extinguisher, 3 orange triangles and extra fuses).  Kind of interesting fact though, but there is no rule stating that I must have a first aid kit on board.  Don't worry, I have one, but just thought it was interesting that it wasnt mandatory.  

We also went over Annual Inspections, Monthly Inspections and preventative maintenance schedules.  

There is just so much more to this business than getting a bus, having a cool sound system and lights and learning to drive the vehicle.  #themoreyouknow