Giving Back at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

On Friday, March 24th, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo held the Annual Junior Market Barrow Auction at NRG Arena.  The annual auction is one of seven auctions that the Houston Livestock Show hosts that totaled over $15 million in sales in 2017.  The money raised at the auction helped award over $14 Million in scholarships to Texas high school graduates. 

Cool Bus Houston participated in the Annual Junior Market Barrow Auction for the first time in our first year of operation.  This was an event that we were looking forward to for some time.  We want to ingrain ourselves in the city of Houston and give back to the community that has already given us so much. 

Now we didn’t get to purchase the Grand Champion Barrow that went for a world record $212,000 this year, but we were part of a group that raised over $6,000 toward our purchase of Lot 39.  That was Lot 39 out of over 600 lots. 

Here we are pictured with our buying group (The 1500 Club) and the young lady in the middle holding the bronze bowlegged “H” trophy, was the one who raised and showed the pig that we wound up buying.

Cool Bus Houston - HLSR Swine Auction

While we are constantly working on growing our business and trying to book more parties, we will always have time to give back to Houston and especially the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 

For those that don’t know a lot about the “The world’s largest celebration of agriculture, education, entertainment and Western heritage”, the 85th annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo drew a record-breaking 2,611,176 visitors during the 3 week span from March 7 – 26, 2017.  Over 33,000 volunteers take time out of their day year-round to help ensure that the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is a world-class entertainment experience.

Timing is everything...

Well after close to 4 weeks of the bus being in the shop, the mechanics have finally started making progress on the repair.  They had to replace the lift pump and rebuild the injection pump.  I spoke with the technicians yesterday and they said that the injection pump was in bad shape once they started to rebuild it so it took longer than expected on the repair.  

This should fix the issues that we encountered a few weeks ago when it just died on us when we were driving around one night.  The same issue also caused the engine not to turn over once we shut it off and tried to crank it back up again with in a few minutes.  

They think it will be ready to go by the end of the week.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, its been good timing for this to happen now while the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is taking place.  Since I am heavily involved with the Rodeo, unfortunately a few things with the bus have been put on the back burner over the past couple of weeks.  

So while I would've liked to have the bus up and running, I know it would've been difficult to do any kind of test runs with friends trying to find time in my own personal schedule.  

The good thing is though that with Rodeo taking place, I am able to spread the word about the bus to a lot of people I only see this time of the year.  The friends and peers that I have told are all really excited about it and already want to book rides.  

I have a feeling that once I do "officially" open my doors for business and start utilizing social media in a more meaningful way, things will pick up very quickly.  I am going to have to get used to saying "no" to things that's for sure!