Mom's Night Out

Last night I took a few of my friends out on the town...but this was no ordinary group of friends.  These were all women and all MOMS!  Our take out the group out to go see the movie "Bad Moms" and then take them out for a few drinks at a bar or 2 downtown.  

So I picked everyone up from one of their houses around 7:00 PM and took them to Sundance Movie Theater downtown for their movie.  The movie last about 1 hr 45 min, so I just parked down the street and hung out while I waited for them to text me once the movie was over.  

After the movie, I picked them up and drove everyone around for about 20-30 minutes while they enjoyed the music and libations before I dropped them off at The Original Okra Charity Saloon.   The girls spent about an hour hanging out at the bar before they called and decided it was time to head on home for the night.  

Once we got back to the house, unloaded and got the bus back to its storage facility, I wound up getting home around 1:30 AM.  Not too bad for a night out on the town hosting these lovely ladies!  

This was the first ride I did where I didnt know most of the people on board and I really enjoyed it!  I'm really excited to get this out to the public, host new faces and have them experience The Cool Bus! 

Cool Bus Houston Mom's Night Out