Playing the waiting game...

Well it has now been 2 weeks since I dropped the bus off to get repaired and I am still waiting to get it back.

The diagnosis is that I need to replace the lift pump and the injection pump.  The problem is that the shop I dropped it off at, Diesel Innovations, is having a hard time finding the parts.  They said that it should take about 3-4 days to complete the repairs once the parts have arrived.  Now they just need to get here.  

Since I would be going to diesel mechanics from time to time, I figured it would be a good idea to have someone on my side with thorough knowledge of diesel engines.  Mainly to help me understand the various issues that would come up and also help me confirm or deny the things the mechanics were telling me was wrong with the bus.  

I turned to one of my good buddies, John Boerstler for some assistance in finding such a resource.  John is the Executive Director of NextOp, an organization that serves our nation’s hardworking veterans by providing job placement assistance, mentorship and support. 

He sent me a couple of resumes and I was able to make contact with a former Army sergeant, Steven Beattie.  We discussed my plan and took a look at the bus while at the shop and visited with the technician working on the bus.  

Steven was able to confirm the diagnosis of what was causing my issue and also validate the repair shops suggested plan of action to correct the issue.  He also researched online and found out there were actually a few recalls on this particular bus which helped us to identify other issues.  

I am looking forward to my continued relationship with Steven.  Just based on the communication we have had and the information he has shared, he will be a valuable asset to the company and will hopefully help me save a lot of money on repairs by not letting mechanics take advantage of my lack of knowledge on engines.  

As soon as this repair is completed, I will be immediately taking it to a one-stop shop for party bus customization's.  They will eventually do all of the following:

  • Reupholster the seating
  • Paint the interior black
  • Install handrails on the roof of the interior
  • Install a new radio with Bluetooth capabilities and change the location of the radio
  • Install cameras for security - Over the hood, facing the driver, facing the interior, and at the rear to be used as a backup camera
  • Install LED lighting beneath the seats and on the ceiling

While these all sound fun and I can't wait till this type of stuff is taking place, I need the engine parts ASAP!!!