Got a new paint job!!!

he exterior is finally starting to look like what I envisioned all this time.  Last week we completed the exterior paint job and it looks awesome! 

The painters first started off by sanding the exterior of the bus down and removing some the old blue paint that was peeling/chipping away.  Then they had to remove all the light covers, front grill and tape up all the windows before they could begin applying the paint.  They finally covered the bus in a single stage black paint.   Looks pretty sharp if you ask me.

The next step is to add the vinyl for graphics.  Apparently they had to wait a while for the paint to settle before they could apply the graphics.  Therefore, I had to add another week to my timeline and wait just a little longer to get the bus back. 

But they assure me that the bus will be completed this week, either Thursday, 6/30, or Friday, 7/1…just in time for the 4th of July weekend!  I’ll probably drive it a couple of days over the weekend with friends aboard or just cruise it around H-town in high-traffic areas to get the word out. 

I plan on using the next month for a lot of test runs, marketing opportunities and perfecting the operational side of things before I officially open my doors come August. 

First thing I need to do once the bus is complete though, is get some high quality pics of the bus up on the website.   Right now, I just have pictures of what the bus looked like when I bought it simply acting as a place holder. 

I also got some Cool Bus swag recently produced – koozies and women’s tank tops.  I have not yet made a men’s tank top, but those will be coming soon.  I also have my business cards arriving soon and looking forward to having something to start passing out to potential clients to get the word out. 

It’s crazy to think that it’s all coming together and will be here before you know it.