I first heard about the party bus concept in my first year living in Houston in 2007.  I thought it was such a fun idea to have a party on wheels!  One of my coworkers had a buddy who started his own party bus company in another city so I gave him a shout to discuss his business.  I immediately fell in love with the idea and told myself that I would, one day, have my own party bus company. 

Well the years went on and life got in the way and I still hadn’t achieved my goal.  In May 2013, I was in San Diego, CA for a friend’s wedding and they had booked a party bus to take their guests to/from various locations.  I wound up chatting with the driver throughout the night and as we traveled from location to location, the passion that I once had back in 2007 for starting my own party bus company found new life. 

We set up a call a week later and we talked, in great detail, about how he got started and some of the speed bumps he ran in to along the way.  After 2-3 more calls like this, and after he answered the laundry list of questions that I had for him, I decided that I wanted to get off my butt and move forward with this endeavor! 

I established my LLC in June 2013.  The next 2 years would be spent creating business plans, logos, bus designs, attending small business workshops, networking events and visiting with other small business owners to learn about their success and failures and hopefully to get some advice from experienced entrepreneurs.  

All this hard work would lead up to that fateful day when I was driving through Humble, TX in October 2015, and laid eyes on the bus for the first time.  A few weeks of meetings, inspections and negotiations would go by before arriving at the 11th day of November, when the bus would officially become property of Cool Bus Houston!